Staff and Lay Leaders


Corey Cochran


Hi, I am Pastor Corey, and I am delighted you are visiting our website! First and foremost, I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ; He comes first in my life! Second, I am married to Jennifer Cochran who has been by my side through all the ups and downs of ministry. Third, I am a father to three wonderful children whose names are Gabe, Anna Grace, and Ben Cochran. Fourth, I am a member of the local church here at MBC. I am a proponent of preaching the whole counsel of God, which means a normal Sunday from the pulpit of MBC will consist of expository preaching. Expository preaching is getting at the grammatical historical intent of what the original author had to say to his original audience. In other words, I will work through books of the Bible verse by verse applying its truth to those sitting under the truth of God’s Word. We will learn together! God’s Word is absolute truth and is always applicable in every situation. I look forward to getting the opportunity to meet you!

Jarrod Anders

Sights & Sounds Director

Jarrod is the jack of all trades that keeps MBC running. If you need to know something, ask Jarrod!

Ministry Team Leaders

Shanda Anders

First Impressions Director

Shanda directs our First Impressions Ministry, which consists of anything a First-Time Guest would experience upon arriving at MBC. From the parking lot and door greeters, to Sunday morning refreshments, lobby liaisons, facility tours, and even the décor, Shanda wants to make sure every guest at MBC has a pleasant experience.

"When my husband, Jarrod, and I found ourselves looking for a 'home church' shortly after getting married in 2009, I realized how awkward and vulnerable it is to be a first-time guest going to a church where you may not know anyone. That's what sparked my passion for First Impressions and making sure every guest at MBC feels like they are 'home' as soon as they pull into the parking lot."

If it's your first time attending MBC, or if you would like to serve in this ministry too, Shanda is the lady you need to see!

Nick Sparks

Music Director

Nick has been playing and leading music in churches for over 25 years. He is a husband and a father, and is proud to call Meek Baptist his home church. Our worship team strives to promote congregational singing and to choose music that is biblically centered and God-honoring.

Marty & Bethany Grant

Youth Ministry Directors

Marty & Bethany have lived in the Arley/Smith Lake area since 2013. They have 5 children and 3 of them are teenagers! So, obviously they have a heart for the kids in our community. Marty is the Jr. High Football coach and Bethany is the Jr. High Cheer coach at Meek High School. They own multiple businesses in the area, but when they felt the call to minister to youth they knew they had to answer God’s call. The Youth at MBC are focused around the main focus of MBC, which is Love • Connect • Serve. The Youth do Institute studies on Wednesday nights and Connect Group devotion on Sunday nights. They also do regular outings like bowling, concerts, and ball games as well as a yearly Summer Camp. The goal of MBC Youth is to help kids on their journey with the Lord no matter where they are on that walk. They are our future Christian leaders. We work with the child that has never been in church to the advanced teen who has a vast understanding of the Word. Wherever they are on that path we meet them there to help them grow in Christ.

Anne Knowlton

Children's Ministry Director

Megan Fincher

Director of Nursery
Assistant Director of Children's Ministry

Jennifer Sparks

Adult Education Director

Hey y'all! Just like half of our leaders, I grew up right down the road (or the lake) from Arley. I am slightly introverted, so I love small-group and one-on-one discipleship, and after spending about five minutes with me, you'll see that I am passionate about education: I can't resist a good teaching moment (this is something you'll grow to love about me... eventually)! I am child to God, wife to Nick, and mom to Avery. Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree in biblical studies at R.T.S., and I am beyond blessed to have the full support of my Meek Baptist Church family!

Kate Kelley

Ladies' Ministry Director

Although I was raised in Colorado and New York, I also had time in Raleigh to learn Southern! While I never thought I would move back to the south, I love living in the small town of Arley. I am often found walking with my dog Frisco, enjoying my flowers, especially iris, and reading. My greatest joy at MBC is seeing ladies grow in their walk with Christ and fellowship with each other.

Norman & Marsha Mareno

Food Pantry Director

Jessie Burns

Clothes Closet Director